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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  September 21, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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[ man ] it's big. supports in times of need. same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better. >> you are watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high- definition. >> there it is, the space shuttle endeavor giving northern california a farewell fly over. the spacecraft making low-level passes over bay area landmarks, dramatic images that people around here will never forget. it was pretty exciting. a live look as the shuttle is now putting on a show in los angeles, you can see they're in
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the sky over los angeles right now where will do another fly by at disneyland and landmarks down there before it lands at lax and gets ready for a big parade through town in a couple of weeks. >> good afternoon. i am elizabeth wenger her. >> i am a frank mallicoat, hundreds of not thousands were outside to catch a glimpse of the shuttle fly over in the bay area. maybe the biggest crowd was at the nasa ames research center and among them reporter mark sayers. you were there, what are people saying, that it live up to the excitement? >> i know that there was amazing pictures elsewhere in the bay area where it did indeed live up to the excitement but due to the flight paths, it was a little bit obscured by a massive hangar that you can see from highway 1 01. there was spectators here that were indeed disappointed. >> the specially modified 747 fairing the shuttle endeavor
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crossed slightly to the west of hangar one which played a role in the shuttle program, but with thousands of people crowding the flight line, expecting it to pass directly over the runway, some people were disappointed. >> what a great disappointment. it was horrible, we did not even know where it was coming. we knew what direction, south, but they did not say it was on the other side of the hangar. >> but others say that even though the route was not as expected, it was still a good show. >> it was awesome, i saw this when i was a little kid before the shuttle even went into space and now seeing it at the end of the life of the shuttle is very exciting. >> thousands of people came with high expectations, some with big camera to stake out their positions early and many parents brought their kids, perhaps to inspire the next generation of engineers or astronauts. >> there was so many different aspects to the space program that we were not even aware of. you remember the biology one?
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elegy? and i thought " wow, so many different ways to learn about space and not have to be an astronaut if you can't do that. >> by the time the shuttle reached moffett field was running 20 minutes behind the projected schedule and all nasa said before the flight was that ames was guaranteed one pass. there might have been a second one as the shuttle flew south to monterey, people very much hope that it would turnaround and come for a second pass which was not to be. reporting live in mountain view, i marks a year, cbs 5. >> with waterfront views and iconic landmarks in the background, san fransisco shuttle watchers could argue they had a better show. cate caugurian is at christie field with reaction, we were getting goosebumps here in the studio, i cannot imagine what it was like to be their lives. >> that is exactly right, it was definitely a breathtaking and as the golden gate bridge was not picturesque on its own, add the space shuttle endeavor to it, we
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had hundreds of people here and the anticipation was able to be felt in the crowd. all lot of excitement and of course cameras. take a look for yourself, breathtaking moments as she made her first loop slowly spreading along the bay waters and then the money shot, the golden gate bridge, and a piece of a once-in-a-lifetime history. >> it was very cool, i've never seen anything like that. >> the bridge will be there next week but this was the last time to see the shuttle and i think no workplace worth quirky for what might you taking a couple of hours off to see it. >> the space shuttle endeavor came around a second time, this time much lower and closer to the bay waters and then the waterfront was a flurry of cameras snapping away, hundreds of bay area spectators with their families and text all looking in off. and the one question i had for basically the crowd, in addition
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to asking them how they enjoyed the show, it basically was " did you have work today? ". many admitted that they called in sick and all agreed that it was worth it. we are live in san fransisco, back to you in the studio. >> in many places around the bay you did not have to go too far to catch a glimpse of the historically over. the route was planned to cover a wide slice of the bay area. take a look at what we found near the san francisco studios. lots of people all on the rooftops turning the flyby into a midmorning coffee break. they were rewarded with a great view of the shuttle against a bay area back drop. >> also a big hit on social media. pictures pouring in for twitter and facebook. here was a shot posted from downtown sacramento before it headed our way. this picture comes from burress, the space shuttle in denver passing over the bay bridge and alcatraz, or make that treasure island, and a beautiful shot, almost like a painting there,
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this was taking by christopher ball. the shuttle endeavor over the iconic golden gate bridge. a couple of icons, beautiful. >> our cameras went along with some san fransisco schoolchildren that turns the shuttle visit into a field trip, they hiked up to the park above coal valley for the perfect vantage point and then they waited, and watched. >> it is going to be very hard to find because the sun is going to be in her face and most of us predict that it is going to be over here, way over there. so i am not sure. >> if future reporter on our hands ... the kids got a great show as the shuttle circled the city and disappeared just over the trees of mount sutro. >> the space shuttle first flight was back in 1992, it blasted off from the kennedy space center in may of that year, its last mission of course back in may of 2011. the shuttle launch a total of
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299 days in space, and that was a grand total of 25 missions. >> traveled nearly 123 million mi. and ordered it earth 4671 times. endeavor was the very last shuttle built, it replaced the challenger after it exploded shortly after launch in january 1986. >> the shuttle fly over is the top story on our website, a complete coverage on cbs sf .com. take a look. >> in makes you proud to be an american. >> we all kind of felt that way and i think that most of the people that were watching it said that something good was right here in the bay area. the shuttle watch party tied up many bay area freeways and when they got back in their cars it was quite a mess. >> it was certainly a mess out there and still just a bit. here's the deal from chopper five of people leaving moffett field just after the shuttle
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flies over. you can see that traffic was snarled through their causing some serious delays along 101 especially early. those delays continue and you can still see stop and go conditions on the 101 but not as bad as it was earlier. you can see this video taken from chopper five of the very slow and go conditions. now live conditions on the map, most of those delays are on that northbound side of 101. very slow coming off of 237, dipping in the third is over there, was down 237 seen delays but a little bit better as a major way to the golden gate bridge. >> the final destination for endeavor will be in the same county where it was built years ago. >> it is retiring. rockwell international constructed the last shuttle north of los angeles and it was built to replace the challenger have that lost in an explosion in 1986. it will be displayed next month at the new air and space hall at the california science center. >> the other big deal in the bay area today was that new iphone.
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>> still to come, the first customer in san fransisco to get his hands on a must have gadget. >> the mobile weather at the space center where hundreds and hundreds of people were all the first to see the shuttle. as it made its approach into the bay area. that is not all happening here. i will tell you what is up in the skies coming up. >> i meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center, skies looking very nice as we enjoy the final full day [ female announcer ] now your best accessory can be your smile. with colgate optic white toothpaste. it whitens over 2 shades more than a leading whitening toothpaste. so with colgate optic white, all you need to look fabulous is your smile. colgate optic white.
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>> a farewell flight is not over yet, as we speak in denver is headed down the california coastline to its new permanent
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home, it has already arrived at southern california. >> after taking off from edwards air force base is now headed to lax and we go to michelle for more on its final landing. >> that is right, we are on a bluff top right above los angeles international airport in else again no where people have camped out since last night, look at the crowd, thousands and thousands of people here on east imperial ave. police have shot the streets down to make way for the shuttle viewing party. the shuttle endeavor did a low fly over over lax within the last 10 minutes and is now touring southern california making a look over orange county and disney land. before it ends up back here at lax where it will rest in sight of this united terminal for a few weeks and then make its way via the streets to the science center. a few friends here, sue and debbie from torrance have a great seat at the fence. when you saw fly over the first
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time, what do you think? >> i could not believe what i was seeing, my heart stopped. after seeing on tv for so long and then to actually see it even for only a few seconds, it was well worth it. unbelievable. >> people were so excited, their voices were raised, on their tiptoes, cameras pointed to the sky. >> hearts pounding, looking at it was awesome. >> so many people called in sick from work, a lot of kids not at school today, this is truly something they did not want to miss and all of our thousands of friends plan on staying all afternoon, isn't that right? until the shuttle comes back. we're or to have an amazing the right here from the bluff above lax and el segundo where it will fly in and land. we are going to have a real treat, a doubletree for those of us in else a bundle. we'll talk it back to you in san fransisco.
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>> think you're much, it is a party up and down california. we're not done yet, roberta gonzales is out with a mobile weather and had a great spot, at the observatory, one of the first spots where it peaked into the bay area, we will hear from her in just a moment. >> a lot of sunshine around the ♪ [ male announcer ] it started long ago. the joy of giving something everything you've got. it takes passion. and it's not letting up anytime soon. at unitedhealthcare insurance company, we understand that commitment. and always have. so does aarp, an organization serving the needs of americans 50 and over for generations.
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>> i think that we need to pat lawrence karnow on the back because it was a picture-perfect day for the shuttle flight over. >> it is scary to make that forecast. >> by the way, you do not determine the weather. >> i cannot do that much, i wish i could, i just forecast it. it did work out to be a nice day and what a gorgeous day for the shuttle to come through here? high clouds drifting over had as we look at the last full day of summer. coming to a close already. the merger is heating up into concord. and 65 degrees in san fransisco, 65 in san jose and as we head into the afternoon it will be beautiful, mostly sunny skies with temperatures a little bit warmer. some patchy clouds returning overnight, making their way inside of the bay. and we can looking good, high pressure will strengthen and
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send the temperatures up a few more degrees as we head into tomorrow. a short and warming trend as this low is moving to the north but someday it will drop to the south and that means we will as we get into sunday and monday and tuesday. to mr. wise not bad at all, 75 degrees in san jose and 84 in morgan hill. 62 degrees in pacifica with east bay temperatures running into the 80s in many spots although inside of the delta you will see '70s as the breeze kicks and. 81 in santa rosa, and 70 degrees in oakland, 67 degrees in san fransisco. the first weekend of fall should be very nice, equinoxes starting 7:49 a.m. tomorrow morning and then things cool down into sunday with more cooling into monday as we see those numbers heading below average for this time of year. fall beginning tomorrow. those temperatures right around seasonal. a little cool along the coastline but toasty in land and then those '90s go away after
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that. if you want to do something fun for fall, it is the autumn moon festival in san fransisco in chinatown, check out, temperatures expected 55 degrees sunny and mild conditions. we sent roberta gonzales out, she had a bird's-eye view of the space shuttle, how was that? >> it was extremely bittersweet for me as well as exciting because i was raised in the mojave desert and in mohave it was so thrilling to watch the shuttles land there, a big day for all buss all of the time and i have been following them since 1992 when it had its first launch and to see it fly over today, the excitement was extraordinary. we felt like kids at disneyland. i cannot sleep last night thinking about this. alexander is here, he ceo and executive director. tell us, to describe all the excitement here today. >> it was remarkable, we had 600 people around us on the decks, they were trying to get every angle possible, taking pictures
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and video. it was wonderful. as you saw, with all the shuttle endeavor, historic, once in a lifetime. >> why does capture the attention of the bay area? everyone was riveted by this particular story. >> it is two things, it is once, there has never been a shuttle in the bay area and there never will be again. that is one but the second thing is that think more and more, particularly young people, they're so excited about space. space remains, an area of interest and excitement for kids. you see the kids with the astronaut uniforms? >> that is a good point because you have daily lessons for kids? >> absolutely, we see over 50,000 students throughout the school year. we had a field trip today. and we will throughout the summer. in addition we have lots of other programs, a new planetarium show opening next week. " when things collide " that will be very exciting and wonderful and then later on this
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year we have a bill my exhibit opening up and a great exhibit in december on the sun that will blow your mind. >> very exciting, not just a day but 12 months out of the year at the space center. if you want more information visit us at cbs sf .com. a historic day here at the space center, glad that mobil weather could be here. frank, elizabeth, and wants. >> that was something to see. you never get tired of seeing that. >> you could hear the screams and cheering, >> then you would was coming ... >> it got down lower when it went over. those pictures are unbelievable. it was not about the shuttle, apple also had a launch of its own. sands helped employees countdown as the union square store opened its doors at 8:00 this morning. it was the first day that the new iphone 5 went on sale across
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the country, and for those that had been camping outside for days, was it worth the wait? >> it feels like a massive burden has been lifted from my shoulders, this has been a more surreal week of my life. i was going to try and get to and sell one. >> that man was the first to get his hands on the new iphone five at union square. he actually got too, spend $994s in line. boxes are constantly being delivered to the back door of the store to replenish the supply. there it goes. i think apple will do ok. the f,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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naval the better it will be. nice and heavy for their size meaning that they're loaded with use and not a cult. and shiny skin all around. don't store them in the refrigerator, always on the counter. remember that they have been imported from thousands of miles away so by them and enjoy them because they are two weeks old before you even buy them. buy them and enjoy them as soon as you can. i am tony tantillo, your fresh grocer, always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. easy to deal with no seeds and that is why they're the most popular ones is in the united states. >> and back one more time to the big historic moment that happened right here in the bay area. the space shuttle endeavor farewell fly over. the famous spacecraft made low- level passes over bay area landmarks including the golden gate bridge and moffett field. the shuttle is about to finish its journey in los angeles where it will spend his retirement in a museum. >> we have new video of that shuttle over the hollywood sign. how cool is that? its final trip
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began florida in wednesday and stopped in houston and made it out to california yesterday and then you can catch all the highlights on eyewitness news tonight at 5:00. right now if you want to check it out, cbs sf .com, lots of pictures on facebook and twitter as well. >> that is a rap for us. the news at noon, have a great weekend.
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